Grace Among the Grandeur: Cultivating Well-being at Nemours – Kenneth Darsney

Nemours Estate has undergone a massive shift in the visitor experience of the property, both in operations and interpretation, all in order to serve their primary audience, the patients and families of Nemours Children’s Hospital.  Ken will speak to the organization’s journey to becoming its most authentic version of itself, and along the way find the power in well-being.

Playing in the Dirt on the National Mall – Janet Draper

This is Janet Draper’s 27th year as the sole staff member for Smithsonian’s Mary Livingston Ripley Garden. This tiny 1/3 of an acre garden is located on the National Mall and is open 24 hours a day to visitors from around the globe. In addition to garden related tasks, her time is filled answering visitor questions, giving directions and being an ambassador for not only Smithsonian, but for DC and sometimes the US. Every day is a new experience!

Design-wise, she tries to do something different every year to challenge herself and to keep educating visitors about the amazing diversity of plants. Due to the nearly constant events occurring within a stone’s throw, and major construction on our aging buildings, the challenges of keeping the gardens looking good can be daunting.

Speaker: Kenneth Darsney & Janet Draper

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Grace Amongst the Grandeur: Cultivating Well-Being at Nemours - Kenneth Darsney Playing in the Dirt on the National Mall - Janet Draper